How to Get Tantalus Gloves in FFXIV

Tantalus Gloves craft a web of mystery and myth. The name alone makes me think of Greek myths and forbidden fantasies. But what are these Gloves? Are they artefacts from a long time ago that were found in a tomb with royal treasures? Or are they the latest and greatest inventions that push the limits of personal tech and point us toward a future where the unbelievable is normal? Hold on tight as we look into what the intriguing idea of Tantalus cuffs might mean.

What are Tantalus Cuffs?

Tantalus Gloves are made-up things often used in magical books and games. These Gloves have special powers that let the person who wears them move stuff from a distance, like telekinesis. They are named after the Greek mythological character Tantalus. They’re usually shown as powerful items that explorers want or as unique tools for characters.

tantalus Gloves FFXIV

How to get Tantalus Gloves in FFXIV

To earn the Tantalus Gloves in Final Fantasy XIV, you must perform the NieR: Automata combined event Copied Factory raid. Once you complete the main narrative questline, the Duty Finder might lead you to this 24-player alliance raid.

To end the raid, defeat the Copied Factory bosses. The last boss is “The Copied Factory,” commonly known as “9S,” which may yield Tantalus Gloves. Remember that item drops are random, so you may need to repeat the raid to receive the gloves.

To assist your party in completing the raid, ensure you have the correct gear and know how it works. Working with others increases your chances of acquiring the Tantalus Gloves.

Origin of Tantalus Gloves 

Mythological inspiration: 

  1. Tantalus from Greek mythology

Tantalus is a renowned liquor decanter cabinet. It originated in Greek mythology. Greek mythological figure Tantalus was tormented eternally in Tartarus. He stood in a puddle of water beneath a low fruit tree. When he attempted to grab the fruit or drink, it would slide away or drain away. The Tantalus, a closed alcohol cabinet, was inspired by a narrative about a disappointed guy who can’t attain his aspirations.

  1. Early prototypes and designs: 

A lockable wine box possibly originated in Europe in the late 18th or early 19th century. Skilled metalworkers and woodworkers created elegant and safe designs in early iterations. These cabinets were usually constructed of mahogany, oak, or walnut, indicating their owners’ wealth and status. As consumers demanded greater security, designers added complex features like combination locks and hidden chambers. Simple closing mechanisms were used early.

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Variation of Tantalus Gloves 

Here, we mentioned some details about the design variation of the Tantalus Gloves. 

 Styles and models: 

This has several design styles and functionality. It provides the foundation and many options to match your requirements and preferences. Imagine a clothing company with gowns for various occasions. Examples include sundresses for the beach, flowing long dresses for summer parties, and cocktail dresses for formal events.


This details the fundamental style and lets individuals customize it. They may have to pick colours from a well-selected palette, modify the layout, or add personal details like carvings or embroidery. Phone cases and coffee mugs with amusing pictures might have your name or a favorite quotation.

Features of Tantalus Gloves 

  • These perfectly capture hand motions for VR tracking.
  • These Gloves ‘ motors provide the user’s fingertips with physical input. This enhances touch and engagement.
  • The Tantalus Gloves are usually wirelessly connected to the VR system, allowing you to move without a computer or device.
  • They are versatile and straightforward to integrate since they operate with many VR systems and applications.

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Applications and users of Tantalus Gloves 

Tantalus Gloves are utilized in several industries, including.

  • Virtual reality games: The interaction with virtual locations and things in games is more realistic and engaging. This enhances gameplay.
  • Simulation and training: Tantalus Gloves provides hand training without equipment. Use them for medical instruction or industrial equipment operation.
  • Design and prototype: Architects, engineers, and designers may accurately adjust 3D models and prototypes, speeding up design and encouraging innovation.
  • Remote collaboration: Tantalus Gloves enables virtual collaboration without being present. This boosts online productivity and teamwork.

Functionality of Tantalus Gloves in FFXIV

Tantalus cuffs employ modern sensors, haptic feedback systems, and motion detection to provide an exciting and easy-to-use VR experience. These Gloves feature sensors that detect hands’ movements and locations in real time. This allows exact virtual world connections. The Gloves ‘ haptic feedback technologies make it seem like you’re touching something by pressing or moving the fingers.  

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According to Greek mythology, Tantalus Gloves  were cursed to frustrate Tantalus in FFXIV. Just as Tantalus was tormented by draining water and unattainable food, the Tantalus glove wearer constantly failed to grab anything. Picture reaching for a refreshing drink and your gloved hand going through the cup. To feel empty while holding hands in friendship. He always thought of the Tantalus cuffs  as barriers to desire and disappointment.

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