Pokemon Fan Creates Unique Evolution for Cofagrigus

It is known by everyone that Pokemon is liked by all and has a huge fan base. A Pokemon fan has given a new evolution for the famous character Cofagrigus. This has created excitement and discussion within the community. The fans add their ideas and add new features to the existing characters, thus adding to the richness of the Pokemon world.

This creation of new forms of Pokemon by the fans is an old trend where the fans use their skills to reimagine and create new forms of Pokemon. For example, a fan shared a concept in which he showed the mega evolution of Piloswine, which has exaggerated characteristics.

Thus, the contribution of fans helps to keep the Pokemon franchise dynamic and engaging as new styles are being added to the characters with time.

The evolution of Cofagrigus was given by a Reddit user, Frickle – Cartoonist 466. In this concept, the third stage evolution of Cofagrigus is shown. In the post, he introduced Phantaroah, which is the rock-type evolution of Cofagrigus. However, this design showed a gap because the franchise has not yet featured a rock-type Pokemon.

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Pokemon Fan Shares New Evolution Concept on Social Media

The Pokemon fan shares his new creation of the evolution of Cofagrigus on social media. This post gained the attraction of lots of people, and many people praised the creativity behind this new character called Phantaroah. Fickle cartoonist 466 made a pyramid-like structure depicting the rock-type structure.

This post caused other fans to give ideas such as potential abilities and design tweaks, fostering a collaborative atmosphere, etc. Pokemon fans keep on creating new concepts very frequently on social media.

For example, a Pokemon fan recently introduced a mega evolution for the Pokemon Pikachu. In this transformation, the cute little creature is shown as a beast with big ears, black tips and spiked fur around its neck.

This trend of making transactions in the existing characters has created many other forms as well, such as the baby version of legendary Pokemon. A fan has recently shared his idea of creating baby forms of several legendary Pokemon like Entei, Raikou, etc. This introduces cute and playful forms of these Pokemon.

Pokemon fans not only share digital art. Some are also engaged in making real-life 3D models as well. One of the fans showed wood-carved sculptures of Generation I Pokemon. These contributions add to a richer and more inclusive Pokemon universe.

Unique Evolution for Cofagrigus


We saw that people hugely like Pokemon and have a very big fan base. The fans love this cartoon so much that they give ideas to transform the characters into new characters. As we saw, Fickle Cartoonist 466 shared a new form of the Pokemon character Cofagrigus.

In addition to Fickle, many other fans have also shared their innovative ideas, such as creating the baby forms of the legendary Pokemon. At the same time, some artists made wood-carved sculptures of Pokemon, adding to the richness of the Pokemon world.

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