7 Characters With The Best Design In KonoSuba

KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World is a Japanese anime series and is hugely liked by the audience. This anime series is amazing in so many ways like the characters are so realistic and unforgettable. The main characters of the series are powerful but sometimes the side characters outshine the main characters.

Characters With The Best Design In KonoSuba

7.   Kazuma

Kazuma Satou is the main character of the anime series konoSuba. His main goal is to defeat the demon king and return to Japan. In almost all the isekai series it is shown that the protagonist, the main character are very good and help others. But here the things are different.

Kazuma konosuba

The protagonist keeps himself first over the others. Moreover, the personality of the character is very realistic and the audience can relate it to the real life personality. Thus this character is loved by the audience.

6. Darkness

Darkness, also known as Lalatina Ford Dustiness, is also the main character of the series KonoSuba. She joins Kazuma’s party. She is a young tall woman with sharp features. She used to wear a yellow and black sleeveless dress and armor made of silver.

Her actions show that she is a person who gets sexual pleasure from being hurt. This shows that she is a well designed character. She had a fantasy of being harassed by others. She wanted men who are ugly and alcoholic to explore her body.

She had a dream of being captured by the king’s army and suffer torture. She joined the Kazuma party because she thought that he is the type of person who will harass her. In Spite of all this she is a very innocent character.

She is a hard working lady who always helps others and can even make sacrifices to help others. Sometimes she is very irritable. She had the strength to fight against several guards and protected Kazuma from Kowloon Hydra. She can also prevent herself from magic effects.

5. Wiz

Wiz is a character in the KonoSuba series which is very supportive. She was a young and lovely woman. Her eyes were brown in color and she had straight brown hair. Her theme color is purple. That’s why she used to wear a purple long dress and dark purple boots.

She is a well mannered person and very hard working as well. She was not able to get the merchant job because she had a bad taste and also she did not have the talent to advertise the products. She had various abilities such as drain touch, physical resistance, night vision etc.

4. Vanir

Vanir was the close friend of Wiz. He is the main supporting character in the series. He looked like a gentleman with black hair who wears a white and black mask with a star. He was the Duke of hell and dressed like that wearing black suit with white gloves.

He considered himself stronger than the Devil king. He used his abilities to expose the feelings and secrets of other people. He considers human figures as food. He was a very clever demon and used his abilities to manipulate people for his own benefits.

Vanir is a very powerful Character and considered himself stronger than the demon king. He had many abilities such as divination, mask, doll creation,  Vanir style murder ray, Vanir style eye beam, temporary appearance, submission, cursed darkness, summon demons, immense strength etc.

3. Aqua

Aqua is also the main character of the series KonoSuba. She was the goddess of water earlier but later she went to the parallel world. She is very beautiful, having light blue hair, long legs and a slim figure. She used to wear a sleeveless dark blue vest and high heeled boots with white stockings.

Aqua is a crybaby. She is very sensitive and prone to fear. She used to cry when she was scared, upset or traumatized. She also used to cry for the things that she wanted. In Spite of this she was a very loyal person.

She had so many abilities such as turn undead, exorcism, cure poison, refresh, blessing, haste, magic seal, divine circle, water magic etc.

2. Megumin

Megumin is a fictional character in the series. She is a wizard and part of the demon race. She was a modified human who had dark brown hair and crimson eyes. She only had the Knowledge of a single spell. She does not want to learn any other new skill.

Eventually she fell in love with Kazuma and told him about her feelings and then caused them to become a couple. In the starting, they kept their relationship secret but it get exposed when darkness confessed her feelings to Kazuma.

1.  Eris

Eris is the goddess of luck. She is a thief and a good friend of both Darkness and Kazuma. She was a beautiful lady with long hair and blue eyes. She used to look like a 15 year old young girl and is also stated to be extremely beautiful by people including Kazuma.

She used to wear a purple coloured coif on her head. The coif’s purple shade was similar to that of her eyes. She wears purple boots with white stockings. She was very kind and polite and treated everyone with respect.

As she was the goddess of luck, she had many physical powers and also she ruled over the parallel world. The powers she had were immortality , omniscience, divine punishment, gate, temporary body, holy magic etc.


In this article, we came to know about the seven main characters of the KonoSuba anime series. It is a Japanese anime series and is hugely liked by the audience. All the seven characters are discussed in detail in this article.

The seven characters are Kazuma, Darkness, Wiz, Vanir, Aqua, Megumin and Eris. We discussed the appearance of these seven characters along with the personalities and the powers they had. The different abilities of these characters are also mentioned.

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