Final Fantasy 7 Cameos is Hiding in Fallout 76 Art

The Fallout 76 artwork game was released by Bethesda recently. It is a surprise for the gamers. It contains hidden references to Final Fantasy 7. This was the first multiplayer game from Bethesda Game Studios and the game launches are one of the most disastrous. In this game, the players interact with each other and stay together in the game.

Final Fantasy 7 Cameos

This game was criticized by the people but Bethesda decided to continue this game in the market instead of abandoning it. Instead of this major content updates were given to Fallout 76 in response to the player feedback.

This support given to the game along with the success of the Fallout TV show was the reason behind the success of Fallout 76. It helped the game to gain popularity and Bethesda revealed that around 20 million people have played this game.

In order to make it special or memorable, a special poster was released by the company for Fallout 76 which also included classic video games. It was demonstrated by a Reddit user that a cameo appearance was made in Bethesda’s official Fallout 76 celebration artwork.

All the vault dwellers in the poster were so small that they were very hard to identify and could not be spotted at first sight. On viewing it closely, it is observed that two FF7 protagonists were hidden in the bottom left corner of the artwork. These cameos are those little figures that are immediately noticed by the fans of Final Fantasy.

The two little protagonists Cloud and Aerith are not the only ones that are to be referred to in Fallout 76 artwork. In addition to these, the poster also had many other vault dwellers that have certain resemblances to the other individuals as well.

The cameos to be noticed are many. These are Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama, Philip J Fry from Futurama, Shotaro Kaneda from Akira, Q from Star Trek, Furiosa from Mad Max, and also the man and woman from Grant Wood’s famous painting that is American Gothic.

Unfolding the Controversies of Fallout 76

The fans of both of these do not have much to do with each other but it is very nice to see that Bethesda recognises the neighbouring RPG  franchises such as The Final Fantasy in a very unexpected way. The decision to keep and make the success of Fallout 76 is dedicated to the poster which has cameos on it.

As discussed earlier this game has had controversy since its release, so Bethesda said that some changes would be made in the game such as a canvas duffle bag. The buyer’s expectations were not met because the canvas was made of nylon.

Bethesda claimed that the bag had to be changed but they were unable to do so due to unavailability of material. Later he was criticized for not making any changes. In response to this Bethesda offered the customers free in game currency of 500 atoms as compensation.

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