How to unlock Let’s Call it a Draw trophy in Helldivers 2

Let’s Call it a Draw trophy in Helldivers 2 is awarded for completing a mission where you and your team fail to extract but manage to survive. Here’s how you can go about unlocking it:

About Helldivers

Helldivers is a top-down, twin-stick shooter video game developed by Arrowhead Game Studios and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was released in 2015 for PlayStation platforms (PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5), and later for Microsoft Windows.

How to rename your ship in Helldivers 2

The game is set in a dystopian future where the players take on the roles of elite soldiers called Helldivers, who are part of the Helldivers Division of the Super Earth military. The Helldivers are deployed to various alien planets to fight against three different enemy factions: the Bugs, the Cyborgs, and the Illuminate.

Unlock Let’s Call it a Draw trophy in Helldivers 2

Step by step guide to help you achieve Let’s Call it a Draw trophy

To unlock the Let’s Call it a Draw trophy in Helldivers 2, you need to complete a mission with only two active players. 

  1. Launch the Game: Start Helldivers 2 on your gaming platform of choice.
  2. Invite a Friend: Invite a friend to join your game session. Ensure that only two players are actively participating.
  3. Select a Mission: Choose a mission that you feel comfortable completing with just two players. Coordinate with your teammate to select a mission that suits your playstyle and skill level.
  4. Complete the Mission: Work together with your teammate to successfully complete the selected mission. Communicate effectively, strategize, and support each other throughout the mission to overcome any challenges you encounter.
  5. Achieve Success: Once you’ve completed the mission with only two active players, you should unlock the “Let’s Call it a Draw” trophy.
  6. Celebrate: Congratulate yourself and your teammate on your achievement. Enjoy the satisfaction of completing the mission and earning the trophy together.

By following these steps and working closely with your teammate, you should be able to unlock the Let’s Call it a Draw trophy in Helldivers 2. Good luck!

Features of Helldivers

  1. Cooperative Gameplay: Helldivers is designed primarily for cooperative play. Teams of up to four players can join forces online or locally to complete missions together.
  2. Strategic Depth: Players must strategize and coordinate their actions to complete objectives, avoid friendly fire, and call in support equipment such as airstrikes and mechs.
  3. Procedural Generation: Missions in Helldivers are procedurally generated, providing variety in objectives, terrain, and enemy encounters.
  4. Friendly Fire: Friendly fire is always on, meaning players must be careful not to accidentally harm their teammates while engaging enemies.
  5. Dynamic Difficulty: The game adjusts its difficulty based on the number of players in a session, ensuring a challenging experience regardless of team size

Helldivers 2 PC Specifications and Crossplay Details

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Helldivers received positive reviews for its challenging gameplay, emphasis on teamwork, and strategic depth. It has garnered a dedicated fanbase and is considered one of the standout cooperative multiplayer experiences on PlayStation platforms.

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