XDefiant Release Date Pushed Back: What's Going On?

Ubisoft's XDefiant delayed again, promised public playtest. Originally slated for Q1 2024, facing ongoing delays since reveal two years ago.

What's making them delay the launch again and again?

Insider Tom Henderson unveils reasons behind XDefiant's delays: its relentless pursuit of emulating Call of Duty leads to feature overload.

However, Mark Rubin, the director of XDefiant, disagrees with these claims. He says that the delays are actually because of technical problems, not attempts to copy Call of Duty.

Release date?

XDefiant's Twitter announces further testing needed for improvements; promises release date after next test session, amidst recent delays.

XDefiant announces upcoming public beta.

XDefiant garnered excitement initially; open beta well-received, praised for fresh take on Call of Duty-like shooter subgenre by fans.

Rubin linked XDefiant's tech issues to netcode in November. New delay hints at prolonged resolution or fresh challenges.

In the end, Ubisoft's release window for XDefiant remains uncertain. Q2 2024 plausible, barring severe development setbacks.

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