Xbox Game Pass Alert: February 6 – a Date to Watch for Subscribers

How Xbox is increasing its value for subscribers over time?

Xbox Game Pass continues to offer a growing library of first-party and third-party games.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers should try to keep an eye on Tuesday, February 6 thanks to a new game addition .

Xbox Game Pass added plenty of exciting new games in January 2024, including Palworld and the survival-horror remake Resident Evil 2.

Looking ahead to February 2024, what games has been announced?

Persona 3 Reload is coming to Xbox Game Pass on February 2, while Anuchard has been announced for February 6.

Xbox Game Pass Games for February 2024 List

– Persona 3 Reload - February 2 – Anuchard - February 6 – PlateUp - February 15 – Open Roads - February 22

It's entirely possible that Microsoft will announce the first wave of new Xbox Game Pass games for February 2024 on a different day

What is the estimated date for Xbox Game Pass?

The most anticipated date for announcement is Tuesday, February 6 .

So, Xbox Game Pass subscribers  have to be patient for the full scope of February 2024's new additions.