World of Warcraft: The War Within Lets Players Get Married

WOW's "The War Within" adds a new ring that lets players bond in-game, offering a powerful gear upgrade and a heartwarming touch for role-players.

In Dragonflight, WoW revamped professions. In "The War Within," expect further evolution with many new item recipes to learn and create.

How will professions change in "The War Within"?

WoW's new ring, The Binding of Binding, empowers a chosen ally and can sever the bond, inspiring playful role-play around marriage and divorce.

– Item Level 577 – Binds when picked up – Unique – Finger

The Binding of Binding in WoW: The War Within

– +5,381 Stamina – +1,950 Random Stat 1 – +1,950 Random Stat 2 – Use: Sever your bond at the cost of 1 Blasphemite. (2 Min Cooldown)

WoW players loved the new ring, enjoying its power and the ability to marry in-game friends. Some joked about divorce if raid DPS was too low.

How will players use WoW's new bonding ring?

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