World of Warcraft Set to Join Battle Royale Craze with Pirate-Themed Game

World of Warcraft might add pirate stuff soon. Blizzard hinted with Jolly Roger flags on maps. Get ready for pirate adventures!

wow plunderstorm 

Patch 10.2.6 brings Plunderstorm, something totally new and hidden until now. WoW's shaking things up!

How to join Plunderstorm 

To join Plunderstorm, players need to make a new character on new servers. They also need a subscription to play.

wow plunderstorm 

When you log in, you'll see the Plunderstorm logo beside the Warcraft one. Pick it, and you'll set off on a parrot!

Leveling up gives you new powers. They're a mix of old spells, Covenant abilities, and talents from your class. Mix them up for better combos!

Duration of wow plunderstorm 

Plunderstorm starts today and lasts six weeks. Depending on what players say, it might come back later.