World of Warcraft: Plunderstorm Unleashes Epic 60-player battle royale available now

In World of Warcraft : Dragonflight's latest update, there's a new mode called Plunderstorm—a battle royale where players fight to be the last one standing.

In World of Warcraft version 10.2.6 

Plunderstorm takes players to Arathi Highlands for a pirate-themed adventure.

About battle-royale event in World of Warcraft 

In Plunderstorm, up to 60 players can battle it out in solo or duo modes.

Abilties in this mode 

Players can stack abilities up to rank 3 (epic) in Plunderstorm, and epic-level abilities can be found in rare NPC encounters and treasure chests.

Anyone playing World of Warcraft can join Plunderstorm, whether they're subscribed or playing with game time. This includes WoW Classic players too.