Why Final Fantasy 16’s 'Cascade' Music Matters

Cascade a boss theme in Final Fantasy 16, was derived from the game's initial trailer, highlighting music's role in the game's emotional and narrative depth.

In FF16's The Rising Tide expansion, Clive receives a letter guiding him to rescue Leviathan's Dominant, the infant Waljas, from an unjust fate.

What's Clive's mission in The Rising Tide?

The Rising Tide culminated in Ifrit vs. Leviathan, with the music crescendoing during 'Cascade,' evoking nostalgia from Final Fantasy 16's first reveal.

Final Fantasy 16's first appearance in 2020's PS5 Showcase with the 'Awakening' trailer revealed Clive and hinted at the game's developers' vision and music.

Final Fantasy 16's 'Cascade' is the Perfect Awakening and Bookend

The fight's first phase had a calm theme. During the "DPS check," Final Fantasy 14's 'Through the Maelstrom' played, leading to 'Cascade' and the 'Awakening' trailer's chorus.

Leitmotifs Are A Final Fantasy Franchise Staple

As Leviathan struggled, Ifrit prepared to save Waljas amid intense brass and drums. This epic fight deserved a rediscovered anthem from the expansion's main theme.

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