Who Are The Tuffles in Dragon Ball?

The Tuffles were an advanced alien race in "Dragon Ball," eventually wiped out by the Saiyans, leading to the rise of Vegeta's civilization.

The History Of The Tuffle

Even so, the Tuffles were fairly peaceful, rarely engaging in warfare, as depicted in "Dragon Ball," with their presence extending to Universes 2 and 6

The Tuffles' Creations And Invention

The Tuffles' key contributions in "Dragon Ball" were technological innovations, notably in modifying and cloning lifeforms. In "Dragon Ball GT," they created Machine Mutants, organic-like artificial beings.

In "Dragon Ball," Baby, a Tuffle parasite, embodies the Neo Machine Mutant variant. He can control bodies, altering Saiyan abilities, like Vegeta's Super Saiyan form.

Variant of Machine Mutant

Though extinct, Tuffles' creations often emerge as villains in Dragon Ball, seeking vengeance. Dr. Lychee, the initial example, epitomizes this trend.

The Appearances Of Tuffles And Their Impact On Dragon Ball Lore

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