Where to Find the Monstrous Tooth in Skull and Bones Easily

In Skull and Bones, getting resources and silver coins can be risky. Some loot is easy to find, but others are trickier to get.

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How To Get Monstrous Tooth In Skull And Bone

To obtain the Monstrous Tooth in Skull and Bones, you'll battle Kuharibu, a huge green sea serpent.

1. Go north from Sainte-Anne to open water near Angaya Coast by Islands of the Moon in Skull and Bones. You might find Whispers of the Deep there.

2. A better way is to follow the From the Deep contract. Talk to the Sea People Huntmaster at Lanitra outpost to find it.

When you find Kuharibu, you'll need to battle and defeat it to collect the Monstrous Tooth in a challenging fight.