Where to find ff7 rebirth hidden cactuars? Location guide

In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, finding the hidden cactuars in Costa del Sol is tough, but you gotta hunt them down there.

How to photograph Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth cactuars successfully

The map in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth tells you how much to zoom in on the plant-like art to snap a photo successfully.

Where to find the hidden cactuars in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

1. To start the quest, talk to the studio employee by the Estudia de La Luna sign. Then, go left and follow the path to the front desk area near some wheelies.

2. From there, walk through the marketplace and make your way past the shop vendor.

3. From the Surf and Suntan, return to the studio employee. Go down the ramp next to Estudio de la Luna and walk along the deck by a tower.

4. Head back up and turn left towards the building with the Costa del Sol sign. Go up the ramp outside and cross the bridge.