What is the best armor in Dragon's Dogma?

Armors Will Provide Armor Effect

In Dragon's Dogma, armor effects vary from healing over time to boosting ranged damage, helping you tailor your gear to your needs.

1. Cursed King's Armor Set:  

This set offers high physical and magical defenses, making it great for survivability. It can be obtained by defeating the Ur-Dragon multiple times.

2. Grave Set

This set is particularly effective against undead enemies and provides good defense overall. It can be found in the Everfall or purchased from Delec in the Chamber of Estrangement.

3. Swordsman's Set:  

Offering a balance between physical defense and mobility, this set is favored by those who prefer agility in combat.

4. Hellfire Armor Set

For those focusing on offense, this set provides strong resistance against fire and boosts fire-based attacks. It's acquired by defeating the Drake in Devilfire Grove.

5. Shadow Set:  

This set enhances stealth and evasion, making it ideal for those who prefer a more subtle approach to combat. It can be found in the Midnight Helix of the Everfall.