What is Strafing MW3? How to get max starfing kills?

Participating in challenges to unlock fresh content in Call of Duty sustains the vitality of multiplayer matches.

Not all missions are simple to accomplish. Here's the breakdown of strafing in Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) and strategies for achieving Strafe Kills.

What Is Strafing in MW3?

Whether consciously aware or not, you've likely been employing strafing tactics throughout your entire Call of Duty journey.

Strafing entails lateral movement without rotating your character, often accompanied by firing your weapon from the hip.

How to Get Strafe Kills in MW3

Choosing the right spot is crucial for Strafe Kills in MW3. Small maps like Rust offer ample close-quarters combat opportunities.

An Assault Rifle proves highly effective in this scenario, yet if you're confident in your accuracy, opting for a Battle Rifle might yield even greater effectiveness.