What is No Rest For The Wicked release date?

No Rest for The Wicked from the creators of Ori takes an unexpected turn with its isometric ARPG perspective, reminiscent of Soul's style.

Moon Studios' "No Rest for The Wicked" Early Access arrives April 18, 2024!

When is No Rest For The Wicked releasing?

–  While "No Rest for The Wicked" is set to launch on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, only PC gamers will have access to the Early Access version initially.

– The Early Access is currently only slated for a Steam release. – Pricing details have not yet been made available.

What to expect from No Rest For the Wicked Early Acce

In 2024, Dodge rules are trending in ARPGs like "Above 4," featuring cooldown-based active abilities, and are anticipated in "Path of Exile 2."

Will No Rest For The Wicked have multiplayer?

While the developers have not showcased multiplayer action yet, "No Rest For The Wicked" is confirmed to have co-op support.