What Is 'Green FN'? The Viral Slang

Lately on TikTok, there's been a surge of videos featuring a character called a Emerald FN, displaying suave actions or witty lines, sometimes ironically.

What Does 'Green FN' Mean?

"Green FN" stands for "Green F--- N---a," edited into an algorithmically friendly acronym.

On TikTok lately, there's a trend with a character called a Teal FN, borrowed from NBA 2K, showing off smooth moves or clever quips, often with a twist.

How Did 'Green FN' Get Big On TIkTok?

Before last week's surge in bizarre videos, the term was popular among the basketball fandom on TikTok.

@braydentopg's sound features a man saying the full "Green FN," often used ironically with NBA players shooting airballs.

Adding to the mystery (and probably the spread of the slang term) was the fact that no one seemed eager to clarify its meaning.

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