What Is Gohan’s Fatal Flaw in Dragon Ball

Early Dragon Ball Z: Toriyama gave Goku and Gohan equal time. Gohan's big moment in the Cell Games Saga hinted at passing the torch from father to son.

What hindered Gohan from succeeding Goku?

In Dragon Ball, mentoring is key, seen in Goku and Gohan. Gohan's sidelining in the Majin Buu Saga hinted at a flaw hindering him from succeeding Goku.

Gohan's mixed Saiyan heritage tempered his battle lust. Unlike Vegeta and Goku, he was gentle, smart, and shy, avoiding fights but holding his own when necessary.

A Hybrid Saiyan With Explosive Latent Potential

Gohan's reluctance for combat is consistent. He fights only to protect loved ones, not to dominate. Despite this, he showed immense power as a young child, seen even in the Saiyan Saga.

Gohan's humility contrasts his arrogance with power boosts in Dragon Ball Z, leading to serious consequences in battles.

The Pitfalls Of Excessive Power

Gohan's arrogance in battle, akin to Saiyan traits, risks consequences, though he often escapes, showing a recurring flaw.

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