What is Destiny 2's New Prismatic Subclass

Destiny 2's The Final Shape expansion arrives June 4 this year. Before the reveal of Into The Light, fans had doubts, but it has restored faith in Bungie.

Surprising many, Destiny 2's The Final Shape expansion will introduce Prismatic subclasses alongside the three new Light subclasses previously revealed by Bungie. 

Destiny 2's The Final Shape expansion: What's new?

The Final Shape expansion merges Light and Darkness powers for the first time, adding depth and complexity to Destiny 2's gameplay and lore.

How Destiny 2's Prismatic Transcendence Works in The Final Shape

Prismatic subclass in Destiny 2 introduces two meters: one for Light and one for Darkness. Filling both enables Transcendence state.

– Solar and Stasis grenades for Hunter – Arc and Strand grenades for Titan – Void and Stasis grenades for Warlock

Destiny 2's Light and Darkness subclasses. This list includes:

The addition of the new Prismatic subclass in Destiny 2's "The Final Shape" is significant and potentially game-changing due to its unique mechanics.

Destiny 2's Prismatic Subclasses Will Have Light and Darkness Super

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