What Does Soak Mean On Tiktok?

Mormonism has been in the spotlight because of controversial Mommy bloggers and tradwives who are becoming the face of the religion online.

What Does It Mean To 'Soak' As A Mormon?

Soaking is a term used to describe men and women engaging in the act of penetration, without the movement typically required for a guy to climax.

Some young Mormons believe in soaking, thinking it's a way to dodge religious rules against premarital intimacy.

What does soak mean tiktok

Where Does The Term 'Soaking' Come From?

The term "soaking" first appeared online in a Newschoolers forum post back in 2009.

User breck-love described "soaking" as a bonding experience that Mormons believed still allowed them to go to heaven.

According to rumors 

Soaking is popular at Brigham Young University (BYU), which has a majority Mormon student population.