Master Combat: Valheim Damage Type Tier List Revealed

In Valheim, enemies have specific weapon vulnerabilities. Players need diverse arsenals to exploit weaknesses and progress through the game's biomes effectively.


Poison damage isn't widely available in Valheim. Its effectiveness against certain enemies, particularly in the Mountains biome and early game, is debatable.

Slash damage, from axes and swords, lacks enemy weaknesses in Valheim. While popular, it's not as effective as other damage types against specific foes.


Frost and Pierce Damage Frost damage supplements weapon impact in Valheim, ideal for Ocean and Swamp biomes. It's the counterpart to fire, offering elemental damage without the overtime effect.


Blunt damage is versatile in Valheim, offering advantages across various biomes despite minimal enemy weaknesses. It's crucial for surviving the game's challenges.


In sandbox games, lightning control would be overpowered in combat due to its destructive potential, potentially overshadowing other gameplay elements.


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