Unveiling the Best PC Settings for Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

What issues are there to be solved ?

Suicide Squad's PC port is among the latest line-up of games released on the platform with a myriad of issues.

Although the title doesn't suffer from anything that would be considered game-breaking .

What are the two options that impacted Suicide squad's performance the most ?

1.Shadow Quality 2.Volumetric Fog Quality

Get a smooth 60fps gameplay experience at 1080p using the following settings:

Display Mode: Borderless Fullscreen – Resolution: 1920x1080 – V-sync: Off (Keep it "On" if you face screen-tearing)

Anti-aliasing/ Upscaling Mode: TAA  – Anti-aliasing/ Upscaling Quality: TAA High – Dynamic Resolution Scaling: Off

Quality Presets: Custom – Shadow Quality: Medium – Texture Quality: High (Use Medium if you have 6GB or less VRAM) – Volumetric Fog Quality: Low

Level of Detail: High – Ray Tracing: Off – Field of View: 90 – Lens Flare: On (Personal preference)

Bloom: On (Personal preference) – Motion Blur: On (Personal preference) – Chromatic Abberation: On (Personal preference) – Film Grain: Default