Unveiling the 6 Best Yoshimitsu Designs in Tekken

Yoshimitsu receives a complete makeover every time he appears in a new Tekken game .

which design is really the best of them all?

1. Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Tag Tournament 2 Combines A Traditional Outfit With A Modernized Aesthetic

The Tekken 4 Design Leans Into The Creepier Aspects Of Yoshimitsu making him seem like a terrifying ghost .

2. Tekken 4

3. Tekken 7

This is combined with a skeletal set of armor which is nowhere near as bulky as it has been previously .

4. Tekken 6

The Sheer Level Of Detail Implemented Into This Design Makes It Incredibly Eye-Catching..

5. Tekken 3

Iconic Devil-Like Design Added So Much Mystery To Him As A Fighter.

6. Tekken 8

Features Some Small Callbacks To Previous Designs While Still Feeling Completely Fresh and looking as mysterious as always