Unveiling Sci-Fi Shooter's PS VR2 Features in Detail

Bulletstorm VR invites you to a crimson and adrenaline-fuelled story with guns, gore, and gruesome enemies.

Bulletstorm VR lets you play two brand new levels as Trishka Novak and dual-wield energy blade weapons.

Are you excited enough? What is PS VR2 all about? full details.

With the PS VR2, dreams become a virtual reality, Allowing you with 110-degree field of vision.

Also the 2000 x 2040 resolution rate per eye brings the grit of Stygia’s badlands and terrordomes to life.

However the six-axis motion sensing system lets you embody Grayson Hunt as he shoots, punches or kicks.

With the PS VR2 Sense controllers, each action immerses you deeper into the gaming world.

Allowing Explosions reverberate not only in your ears but also in your hands.