Unveiling All Evidence Locations in 'Burden of Proof

Updated September 13, 2023, by Christopher Norman Worcester: Now that players around the world have had time with Starfield .

Deep Cover Evidence Location

Players can start their search on how to get all Burden of Proof Evidence in Starfield with the first piece located in the Deep Cover mission

During the initiation quest into the Crimson Fleet, players are tasked with venturing to find Kryx’s Legacy with Delgado on the abandoned UC prison facility

Echoes Of The Past Evidence Location

Carter’s Gig Evidence

Located in Carter’s locker in the showers in the D-Block section. It is not an item that players can miss by doing this quest

Warden’s Log Evidence

The Warden's Log Evidence can be found in the Warden’s Office, which is found by following the yellow-painted rooms and up the stairs.

Breaking The Bank All Evidence Location

The Crimson Fleet main mission 4, Breaking the Bank, has players will be working with Evgeny Rokov

Request Denied Evidence

The first evidence of this mission can be found in the Captain’s Quarters, located on the second floor as soon as players board the ship