Unlocking Yoshimitsu Power in Tekken 8 - Moves, Combos, and Strategies

The leader of the Manji clan, Yoshimitsu returns in Tekken 8 to satiate the hunger of his cursed blade.

Yoshimitsu Style

Yoshimitsu combines his Manji clan Ninjutsu with the bloodlust of the cursed blade that shares his name to unleash devastating attacks and clever ninjutsu tactics

Keep in mind that a few of these moves can cause dizziness if overused; try to learn the pacing for these attacks

Abuse repeated attack inputs

Pause to stand

Remember to take a breath between combos and allow Yoshimitsu to stand up when inputting multiple low-striking, juggle combos.

Yoshimitsu Move List

Yoshimitsu has some pretty easy combos to learn but ultimately has an incredibly complicated kit with multiple types of damage and engagement mechanics

Divine Sword Kagekiyo Unleash a series of slashing attacks that throw back the enemy

Heat button OR LK+RP (When Heat activation is available)

Enma's Flame A thrust kick followed by an upward strike that transitions to Manji Dragonfly

Input   LK, LP