Unlocking the Under Construction Trophy in WWE 2K24: A Step-by-Step Guide

In WWE 2024, the Under Construction Trophy is a prestigious award earned by achieving a rare and special condition.

Easy way to get the Under Construction trophy in WWE 2K24

To win the Under Construction Trophy in WWE 2K24, you must start the arena creation process.

Customize arena in WWE 2K24: Choose lighting, stage, ringside, etc. Make changes, click Accept, Save, then confirm with Yes to incorporate custom arena.

Which map to choose?

In WWE 2K24, pick a one-on-one match or select from options like no holds barred, extreme rules, or the new Ambulance Match in your arena.

Under Construction Trophy in WWE 2K24 

Choose your wrestlers, start the match, and shortly after the bell rings, you'll earn the Under Construction Trophy.

Bonus title  no visiting hour trophy

Win the Ambulance Match to earn the No Visiting Hour Trophy.