Unlocking the Best Moveset for Origin Forme Dialga in Pokémon Go: Is it Worth It?

Players around the world will get the chance to fight Dialga’s Origin Forme thanks to the upcoming Pokemon Go Tour: Sinnoh.

Who is Dialga?

Dialga, which can control time, was introduced back in Gen 4’s Sinnoh region and first appeared in the mobile game in 2019.

This dual Steel/Dragon-type Pokemon has an attack-based stat spread of 270 (ATK), 225 (DEF), and 205 (STAT), and can reach a max CP value of 4090

Origin Forme Dialga stats in Pokemon Go

Best moveset for Origin Forme Dialga

The best moveset available for Origin Forme Dialga in Pokemon Go consists of Metal Claw as a Fast Move and Roar of Time as a Charged Move

Origin Forme Dialga Fast Move

– Drago Breath (Dragon/STAB) – Metal Claw (Steel/STAB)

Origin Forme Dialga Charged Move

– Iron Head (Steel/STAB) – Thunder (Electric)

– Draco Meteor (Dragon/STAB) – Roar of Time (Dragon/STAB/Adventure Effect)