Unlocking SOA Subverter in Warzone and Modern Warfare 3

Will SOA  be free to unlock ?

Like all weapons in the game, the SOA will be a free unlock in Season 2.

It is the first Battle Rifle to be added to the title since its release and is the fourth in its weapon class.

However, the details about the specific tasks are not currently known.

Season 2 release ?

We must wait for the mid-season update to drop, as the SOA won't be coming to the game at launch.

Which rounds SOA is going to use ?

The SOA Subverter is said to be using the 7.62 rounds, which are known to be lethal.

The rifle is said to be the go-to weapon for those looking to engage in mid to long-range fights as it boasts low recoil

it is among the best Battle Rifles when it comes to sprint-to-fire speeds and the movement speed of the character with the firearm equipped.