Unlocking Jin's Power in Tekken 8 - A Guide to Moves, Combos, and Strategies

The main protagonist, and sometimes anti-hero, of the Tekken series returns to save the world in Tekken 8, Jin Kazama.

Style Overview - Jin, The Lightning of Fate

A fighter with a family style based in karate, Jin Kazama has a pretty simple fighting style that can be very welcoming to new players

typically with Jin's combos, players can input a fast combo by repeating inputs (like when executing a Brazilian Kick or Left Sidekick > Stinger)

Alternate for power, duplicate for speed

No need for finesse

Use power crush attacks like Corpse Thrust when enemies are continuously blocking, and keep laying into the enemy with jabs

Use Heat Gauge

Experiment with activating Heat at the start of a round to get familiar with how the gauge is consumed depending on which combos are executed

Jin's Move List

Hellfire Trespass Slayer A massive five-hit combo that pushes enemies high into the air with charged attacks, ending with a crushing downward strike

Median Line Destruction A rapidly executed mid-strike jab combo that sends enemies flying back and activates Heat Dash (if Heat is available).

input LP + RP