Unlock the Potential of Yoshimitsu in Tekken 8 with these Moves and Combos

The leader of the Manji clan, Yoshimitsu returns in Tekken 8 to satiate the hunger of his cursed blade.

All about the character of  Yoshimitsu

Yoshimitsu Style Overview

Yoshimitsu is one of the most flexible fighters in Tekken 8, excelling in every aspect of the fight.

His start-up times are quick. his attacks are powerful, and he has multiple ways to dodge incoming damage

When first learning Yoshimitsu, here are some strategies to consider:

-Use repeated attack inputs , Keep in mind that a few of these moves can cause dizziness if overused .

- Pause to stand : Some of Yoshimitsu's best combos utilize a down input but must be performed while standing.

Yoshimitsu Combo you can use with efficiency:

- Basic Combo: Oma Kugiuchi + Heat Burst + Divine Sword Kagekiyo

-Advanced Combo: Naguri Kabuto Wari + Stone Fists + Kincho + Submission Chakram

-Perfect Combo: Left Punch + Oma Gehosen + Slap U Silly + Heshikirinagi + Heshikiriseibatsu + Death Slash