Trick to Get PUBG Mobile Drakreign MK14 skin

Tencent Games has released a new Lucky Spin crate, which will be available until March 9, 2024 (UTC+0).

Get the new PUBG Mobile Drakreign MK14 skin

The new Lucky Spin crate offers many legendary items, including a Dragon Emperor set and headcover

The mythic items it has include the Gilded Dragon pan, Drakreign grenade, Molotov Cocktail skins, and the Drakreign MK14 skin.

How to unlock PUBG Mobile Drakreign MK14 skin from new Lucky Spin crate

Obtaining the skin and the other items from the Lucky Spin crate requires opening crates

– Dragon Emperor set: 500 Token – Dragon Emperor headcover: 180 Token – Dragon Emperess set: 500 Token

– Dragon Emperess headcover: 180 Token

– Gilded Dragon pan: 250 Token – Drakreign grenade skin: 70 Token

– Drakreign molotov cocktail skin: 70 Token – Drakreign MK14 skin: 550 Token