Tribes 3's Next Fest Demo Sparks Hope for a Lasting Success in the Franchise

Ongoing Steam Next Fest lets you ski backwards at 150 miles per hour while firing a chain gun at pursuers.

What's there in Tribes 3

Tribes 3 is the latest revival of the twice dearly departed Tribes series, team-based FPSes that let you deactivate friction on your feet

Tribes 3 has jettisoned Ascend's three classes and nine subclasses in favour of a pared down matrix of three classes—light, medium, heavy

There is more to Tribes than the skiing

But it's hard to not to circle back to it at all times.

Combine it with a jetpack

whose fuel supply lends you precisely enough rope to hang yourself with—cutting daring escapes short.

Leaving you dangling like Wile E. Coyote above a buzzing hive of enemy activity—and an arsenal of weapons.