Top Horizon Forbidden West PC Mods You Need to Try

Mod author: Zanity03 – Download link: DLSS And Frame Gen 3.6.0 Update

6. DLSS And Frame Gen 3.6.0 Update

5. Visuals Enhanced (ReShade's Pack)

Enhanced Visuals Using ReShade

The original Horizon Forbidden West camera view seems to have a yellow tint applied to it. 

4. No More Yellow Tint

This mod subtly darkens the game using ReShade, intensifying shadows for added atmosphere.

3. Real Darkness

2. Savefiles For New Game Plus Or Burning Shores 

This mod is a set of 8 save game files that can help players start a clean playthrough of Horizon Forbidden West.

For players eager to start NG+ in Horizon Forbidden West, completing 100% of the game beforehand might feel like a time-consuming task.

HFW 100 percent Savefile - Perfect For NG Plus

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