Top 6 Best Trinkets in Grounded

The Fluffy Dandelion Tuft lets you glide safely from high places without taking damage. Keep it handy to avoid falling injuries while exploring.

6. Fluffy Dandelion Tuft

This trinket heals 8 health per parry but makes you take 45% more damage. Best for experienced players due to the high risk.

5. Compliance Badge

The Volatile Fang gives a 30% chance to explode and deal 120 damage when you perfect block. No drawbacks, but it could be risky in close combat.

4. Volatile Fang

The Power Droplet grants Fury, a 25% chance for a bonus hit with unarmed attacks. The extra hit does 6 damage and can stun or carry other effects.

3. Power Droplet

To craft Sarah's Charm, collect the Left Elf Charm and Right Elf Charm, plus 10 tough gunk and 2 pond moss, from chests near the Pond Dome and Stump Lab Outpost.

2. Sarah's Charm

Thor's Pendant boosts health and stamina regen, crit chance, crit damage, hunger, and thirst drain by 10%. It's great for combat and survival.

1. Thor's Pendant

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