Tips and Tricks for Crafting the Best Ships in Starfield

How to build the best ships in Starfield

One of the easiest ways to find yourself falling behind in Starfield is to not customise your ship properly.

What can be the reason behind your struggle with ship battles and frustrated by grav-jumping ?

Chances are it's because your hardware isn't keeping up with your character level.

Where to customize your ship?

To start customizing your ship in Starfield, just head to your nearest space dock. New Atlantis is the one you'll get access to first.

Once you arrive at the dock, find an NPC called a Ship Services Technician. Now what to ask him ?

Ask to "view and modify my ships", and you'll be taken to the relevant screen, where you can buy parts and attach them.

lets get started with the ship building.

The first thing to know is that customizing your ship is expensive. you'll want to have at least 30,000 credits in your pocket, to give you good options.

If you've got the cash, the galaxy can be your good partner—pick out the best parts you can use and start bashing them together.

it's almost always better to be lighter and faster with a good shield rather than go all-in on the hull. Hull is basically the health bar of your ship


Starfield won't let you leave the dock with a ship that won't work properly, so you need to get to know its rules.