Prince of Persia - The Lost Crown Drops a Free Playable Demo

As we all know There was a time when Developers gave away a part of their game and if you liked it, you payed cash for the rest of it.

These days, it's pretty much rare though. which is why I think it's cool that Ubisoft has released a free demo for the game.

Prince of percia: The Lost Crown isn't going to get release until january 18.

However reviews are out which gives us a rear view of the game.

By far that goes starting of the game seems slow, But the second half did a great job of leaning into its strengths

If you're uncertain whether to play or not check out the demo. the demo's "carefully selected sections from the game.

To show the main gameplay features without spoiling the story" is quite an  way to get a feel for it.

The Lost Crown demo is an 11GB game, which makes it about 41,200 times the size of the shareware demo of the original Prince of Persia.