The Truth Behind Anita Max Wynn: Drake's Mysterious Alter Ego! 

Drake, the unofficial king of memes, seems to have struck meme gold again. On January 22nd, he launched a collection of trucker hats featuring the character Anita Max Wynn on the front.

Introduced by Drake during a December 2023 livestream, Wynn, a cartoon character, carries deeper significance beyond the surface.

Since its debut, fan-made videos flooded social media, boosting its cultural impact, with an official X account for the character emerging.

Anita Max Wynn made her debut on a Kick livestream in December 2023, portrayed as a meme cartoon sporting a red bob haircut, circular glasses, and a pink and yellow outfit.

Who is Drake’s alter ego?

What is he selling in connection to the alter ego?

On Jan. 22, Drake launched trucker hats with Anita Max Wynn on the front, available in aquamarine and black, with the Stake logo on the side.Hats are currently on sale at

What is Drake and Anita Max Wynn’s connection to Stake?

Since 2022, Drake's ongoing association with Stake, a cryptocurrency and gambling company, has seen him regularly sharing screenshots of his earnings, bets, and gaming exploits on social media.

Stake co-founder Ed Craven confirmed the collaboration, highlighting Drake's active role within their global community.

The trucker hats featuring Anita Max Wynn appear to be another facet of Drake's collaboration with Stake.

After Drake's viral Kick stream introducing Anita Max Wynn with an unknown accent, creators shared posts using soundbites from the livestream.

Pages on X and TikTok have already emerged, amassing over 175,000 and 10,000 followers respectively.