The Shonen Trap That Wait For Solo Leveling

The first season of Solo Leveling ended, and fans are excited for the next one! It's got a cool main character, awesome fights, and a really cool story. 

The Shonen Formula

Action Shonen anime, from classics like Fist of the North Star to recent ones like Mashle: Magic and Muscle, rely on two things: a good story and exciting action scenes.

In Shonen series, heroes fight tough enemies, face challenges, and become stronger. This happens a lot in these stories, making it a usual pattern.

The Shonen Trap

Because Shonen stories follow a simple pattern, they can become repetitive and predictable. When viewers know what to expect, it can make watching less exciting.

Many Shonen series, like Dragon Ball, Bleach, and Fairy Tail, stick to a formulaic story structure. Even early Naruto and One Piece fall into this trap.

Those That Have Been Caught

Solo Leveling wowed fans with a stellar first season, but upcoming seasons may fall into common story traps, raising concerns among viewers.

How This Trap Can Catch Solo Leveling

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