The Force Engine for Star Wars: Dark Forces Now on Flathub 

Version 2.0 will bring Outlaws support, while full Dark Forces support, including mods, is already available. 

Current features of The Force Engine: 

Mod Loader 

Just place your mods in the "Mods/" directory as zip files or directories.

When using 320x200 resolution, you'll get the original software renderer. TFE also includes a floating-point software renderer that supports widescreen.

High Resolution and Widescreen support

GPU Renderer with perspective correct pitch 

Enjoy playing at much higher resolutions with improved performance. 

Extended Limits  

By default, TFE will support significantly higher limits than the original game, reducing most of the HOM (Hall of Mirrors) effect. 

– Full input binding, mouse sensitivity adjustment, and controller support. Note, however, that menus currently require the mouse.