The Circle Season 6 Release Date Revealed – Fans, Get Ready

Netflix's popular reality show The Circle is returning for Season 6 on April 17, with a four-episode premiere.

Why is 'The Circle' on Netflix so popular? 

The Circle became a hit reality show on Netflix since its debut in early 2020, possibly fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Circle on Netflix features contestants living alone, communicating solely through social media. 

The Circle Season 6 Release Date and Episode Schedule

– April 17 – April 24 – May 1 – May 8 - Finale

Season 6 of The Circle keeps the original concept but moves filming to Atlanta, Georgia, departing from the previous seasons in England.

When can Netflix viewers expect the release of 'The Circle' Season 7? 

Netflix subscribers should be aware that "The Circle" has been renewed for Season 7, with a potential release later this year.

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