The Best Crocodile Pokémon In 2024 You Can't Afford To Miss

1. Totodile

Totodile and its evolutions, introduced in Generation 2 as starters from Professor Elm, are among Pokémon's most iconic.

2. Croconaw

By level 18, many players say goodbye to Totodile and welcome its evolution, Croconaw, into their team.

3. Feraligatr

At level 30, players who started with Totodile get the powerful Feraligatr, completing their evolution journey.

4. Sandile

Croconaw has been likened to footwear almost as much as Dunsparce has.

5. Krokorok

Krokorok, with its name being a blast to say, embodies the "grumpy teen" vibe in this evolution line.

6. Krookodile

Krookodile, known for its formidable physical prowess, resembles a Charizard without wings but with a longer snout.