The 10 Best Co-Op PvP Games on Steam for Ultimate Fun

1. For Honor

A reflex dependent game, For Honor pits various fighters from different timelines against each other, such as samurai, knights, vikings.


Similar to Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch, there are different characters to choose between, from fast but weak to slow but tanky.

Much like most modern PvP games, Apex Legends holds an array of different characters to play as, aptly named Legends.

3. Apex Legends


The theme is a prominent element, with numerous gods as playable heroes from dozens of different cultures

5. Dota 2

As Dota 2 is a MOBA, it has many of the recognizable features of the genre, with a vast number of Heroes that all have various abilities and statistics.

6. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow Six: Siege is notable for its tactical gameplay with different tools and gadgets to approach various situations.

7. Counter-Strike 2

CS2 has an incredibly simple gameplay concept: one team is on the offensive to detonate a bomb, and another is on defense to stop them.