The 6 Best Weapons in Palworld for Maximum Impact 

Palworld, dubbed 'Pokémon with guns,' introduced a diverse arsenal, with standout weapons emerging as top choices in the game.

Here are the top weapons for players to unleash damage on hostile Pals and foes.

1. Makeshift Handgun 

The Makeshift Handgun deals more damage than the regular Handgun but has fewer rounds. It uses Coarse Ammo, which is easier to craft.

The Single-Shot Rifle lives up to its name, requiring a reload after each shot. Despite this limitation, its immense damage potential compensates for the single-shot constraint.

2. Single-shot Rifle 

3. Poison/Fire Crossbow 

The Poison or Fire Crossbow inflicts damage through a potent over-time effect, with the affliction's strength unrelated to the Crossbow's base damage.

4. Pump-action Shotgun 

The Pump-Action Shotgun is an upgrade from the Double-Barreled Shotgun, offering increased damage, lower weight, and more ammo, making it a top choice for close-range combat.

5. Assault Rifle 

The Assault Rifle excels in sustained bursts of fire, boasting high damage potential. With impressive stats, it tears through adversaries, pausing only for reloads.