The 10 Must-Have Baldur’s Gate 3 Mods

1. 5e spell

2. JWL Histories and Occupation

3. WASD Character Movement

If you want to turn your BG3 experience into a third-person adventure game, then the WASD Character Movement mod is for you.

This impressive BG3 mod adds a ton of new races to the character creation screen.

4. Fantastical Multiverse

5. Customizer’s Compendium

One of our favorites since early access, Customizer’s Compendium has now been updated to work with the full game

6.  Improved UI

This is quite a subtle mod created to fix a problem that has infuriated some players.

7. Carry Extra Weight

8. Mark books as read

9. Races Unleashed

10. Multiclass Unlocker