Tekken 8's Characters and Their Unique Abilities, Get battle ready

1. Jin Kazama

Jin is essentially the series' protagonist ever since Tekken 3.

2. Devil Jin

Strong attacks, cheesy flying maneuvers, and an absurd range, thanks to his laser attack .

For our protagonist to shine, we need a powerful antagonist to fight him. Thus, Kazuya Mishima is also a the former protagonist.

3. Kazuya Mishima

4. Eddy Gordo

Tekken 8's first DLC character, Eddy, is one of the most popular characters in the series.

5. Alisa Bosconovich

The android daughter of Dr. Bosconovich is back, with her wing-like turbos and chainsaws on her arms.

6. Zafina

We have another entry from Tekken 6, Zafina, an enigmatic character who helped Jin deal with the monster Azazel.

7. Kuma And Panda

we have Kuma The Second and Panda making a return to the spotlight, as they deserve.

8. Lee Chaolan

Lee Chaolan is back in a rather cybernetic look this time around, Fun fact He's Jin's Uncle .

9. Azucena

Tekken 8 will be introducing Azucena, a coffee-craving fighter from Peru.

10. Victor Chevalier

Victor is our second brand-new fighter, as he's pretty unique even by Tekken standards.