Tekken 8's 7 Must-Try Rage Arts

Each character in Tekken 8 has a special and unique Rage Art move that they can cast away.

What are these rage Arts all about?

1. Hwoarang

Hwoarang's character is all about throwing out as many lightning-fast kicks as possible and not giving time to encounter.

This More Passive Rage Art Perfectly Suits Jun's Calm And Collected Personality.

2. jun

3. Bryan

Without a doubt one of the most fearsome character with most deadliest rage Art.

4. Devil Jin

Jin Showcases Tremendous Power In His Devil Form, Once Jin slashes his opponent he begins laughing maniacally giving absolute chills.

5. Alisa

Alisa Treats Her Own Head Like An Explosive Soccer Ball During Her Rage Art, Because Alisa is a robot .

6. Azucena

Azucena's Most Powerful Attack Is Just As Fun And Vibrant As She Is As A Character.

7. Kazuya

Kazuya Proves Why He Should Be Feared Through His Utterly Devastating Rage Art, Just like Jin, Kazuya decides to enter his Devil form .