Tekken 8: Yoshimitsu Gameplay, News and Tricks

As Tekken 8, an exciting addition to this famous franchise, prepares to launch on January 26

Yoshimitsu Joins the Roster

One character has taken the limelight in the most recent Tekken 8 gameplay leak: Yoshimitsu.

Yoshimitsu, who is known for his unique look and weapon, is expected to add a new dynamic to the intense battles that are Tekken's specialty.

A Recurring Fan Favorite

Yoshimitsu's reveal in Tekken 8 honors the character's history while also introducing thrilling new techniques and moves

Play the Demo

The Tekken 8 demo is available for players to experience the action ahead of the official release on January 26.

The Demo is available on PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam.


Yoshimitsu's gameplay promises an experience that will keep pushing the limits of the fighting genre .