Tekken 8 Surprises with a Returning Character and Gameplay.

Tekken 8 is set to release in a few weeks, and the roll of characters are being slowly unveiled.

which character is returning ? and their characterstics.

Zafina, a tomb keeper with an ancient evil sealed within her are also returning.

Zafina's unique fighting style, called "Ancient Assassination Arts," is enhanced by the demon Azazel sealed within her left arm.

Also Succession star Brian Cox recently appeared in a trailer recapping the Tekken story so far.

Reminding fans of the dark and twisted rivalry of the Mishima family and its three most prominent members.

Tekken 8 has been slowly unveiling its packed roll of returning fighters and new challengers over the past year.

The two most recent Tekken 8 characters unveiled were Alisa Bosconovitch and Panda .

For all the fans of Tekken 8 it finally launches on January 26.